Sunday, September 9, 2007

At the granny cinema deviants play

Down at the local granny cinema the mature women, lonely housewives and swingers come out to play. Although this place is an adult movie theatre, a lot more goes on then just watching the action on the big screen.

After the show starts and all the lights are turned off, this is when the adult fun really starts. You can see the mature women banged in all their holes and these dirty women love it all. They just love a good, hard, long pumping.

I usually take a seat in the granny cinema up the back or off to one of the sides in a dark part. This is so I can observe all the dirty action without looking like a total pervert in front of the different couples going at it like rabbits.

Not long after I had sat down, a group of three people took up position in front of me. I unzipped my pants, took hold of my member and got ready for some naughty action. In front of me was a mature woman and two males, both of which were groping and fondling every part of her saucy body.

They stopped their groping and bent the older lady over into a workable position for them. One man took her from behind, I could hear quite loudly the slapping sounds he was making and the deep moans that came from her mouth. But this didn’t last long, as the other man standing in front of her, took his member out of his pants and thrust it deep down her throat.

This carried on for quite a while. This is exactly why I come to the granny cinema the free shows really get me in a good mood. The three-way couple in front of me was still hammering away and I had worked myself up into a climax. My meaty head had turned purple and was building away. With a few more quick strokes I blew my load onto the floor, did up my pants and left.

Hanging out with all the pervs at the granny cinema is always a fun experience, I will be back next Sunday to watch all the action for sure. Click Here to watch some free movies of the action.